KT_BioKatherine Turman is a Los Angeles native who currently resides in Brooklyn. She’s co-author of the critically acclaimed book Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal, published by HarperCollins, and has produced the syndicated classic rock radio show “Nights with Alice Cooper” since 2007.

She graduated USC with a BA in journalism, and her articles as a freelancer have appeared in The Village Voice, The Los Angeles Times, Esquire.com, Rolling Stone, Noisey, Marie Claire, Billboard, Spin, New York Observer, Mother Jones, San Francisco Weekly, L.A Alternative Press, Guitar World, Amazon.com, ‘TEEN, Black Book, SOMA and many other outlets.

As a full-time staff editor, Katherine worked at the Larry Flynt-published music and lifestyle magazine RIP for eight years, rising to the rank of Editor in Chief. She was also the top editor at the alt bi-weekly Los Angeles Alternative Press, where she wrote and assigned features on literature, travel, politics, and helmed all special issues.

For six years Katherine worked as producer of the syndicated live radio show Rockline, helping earn the program a Billboard Monitor award. In 2003, Katherine accepted a job as a music producer and talent booker at TV’s morning talk program “The Sharon Osbourne Show,” booking guests including The Black-Eyed Peas, Eddie Izzard and Dido.

Additional work-related endeavors include media training for young artists; liners, band bios, editing and packaging notes for Rhino Records, Metallica, Atlantic Records and many other organizations. She’s spoken about journalism at UCLA, The New School, NYU, and has been a featured expert in several of VH1’s “Behind the Music” episodes.

Other interests include travel, horses—she played polo for USC—wine, fiction, friends and urban exploration. She lives with two cats—Maggie May Burbank and (a girl named) Matt Dillon—and sees live music several times a week. She enjoys using semi-colons and sometimes sleeps.